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Duncraig Playgroup & Playfun 3's Kindy Program have now closed

The Executive Committee, together with all Duncraig Playgroup Staff members, have discussed the future of our Playfun 3’s Pre-kindy Program & Playgroup.

Due to changes in the demographic in the area and an increase in services offered locally, enrolment numbers have been in steady decline over the past couple of years and are now at a level where our programs are no longer able to be provided.

Regrettably, the Executive Committee formally announces that the Playfun 3’s Pre-kindy Program & Playgroup will not be continuing in 2019.

This decision was not made easily or lightly. Postponement of this decision until now, in the hope that enrolments increased may have resulted in other Centre positions being filled and your child being unable to find a place, the Executive Committee are mindful of this and sincerely apologise for the situation, however the circumstances as they are, have been out of their control.

The Executive Committee is also mindful of the impact on the DPG Inc Staff, who have demonstrated a high level of compassion and professionalism throughout this process. The
Executive Committee would also like to take this opportunity to extend its gratitude to the valuable and heartfelt efforts of the staff directly involved in delivering high quality and valuable Playfun 3’s Pre-kindy program.


We would like to thank you for your support over the years and have valued your commitment and membership greatly. We wish all of our families the very best for 2019.

Kindest regards,

The Executive Committee
Duncraig Playgroup Inc

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